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About Us

Governance, Risk and Compliance for corporates across the globe.

The services include understanding the business and identification of applicable laws and conducting a detail Legal Risk Assessment which would help to comply with all the Laws of the land. This includes Environmental laws, labour laws, finance laws, Central laws, State laws, Municipal and Panchayat laws, whichever applicable. As an example, Any company’s Human Resource Department has around 70 to 80 laws to be complied which includes central and state laws.

Also, while conducting these assessments we support & educate the corporate personal on all the laws, Which brings in a corporate Governance discipline which helps in achieving 100% compliance.

Jayashree Swaminathan

Email : jayashree@complygence.com Tel : +91-9818712190

Jayashree Swaminathan is a veteran and was the CEO & Director of Chess Consulting who was the Author of the compliance Industry in India.  She has a vast experience in auditing and implementing compliance management systems in almost every State in India and in other jurisdictions such as Malaysia, Singapore, Algeria, Indonesia, Zambia and Kazakhstan. As a compliance professional, she has protected  Independent Directors/Promotor Directors of corporates from litigation & fines & imprisonment

The laws covered